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We don’t need to tell you that you are legally bound to train your people on safety. Video is one of the best ways to deliver safety training. It is engaging, efficient and has a high recall which means the safety messages you are delivering to your people are more likely to stick!


Absolute Cross Platform

Safetyhub is a giant leap in how our videos are delivered. Safetycare videos can be streamed and viewed on any device. iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, Android, you name it. If you want to train a group of people by presenting a video on a large projector: easy. Or maybe your staff have iPhones and you would like them to train on those: No problem. Any combination. Any device.


The delivery of our safety videos is only half the story of Safetyhub. Safetyhub also offers assessments and tracking. Your facilitators can assign training modules to be completed by your people. Everything is customisable from the assessments to the look and feel of Safetyhub. Build on Safetycare’s base and make the safety messages truly your own.


Online safety training and facilitation tools


Video based safety care training for the facilitator

Your Organisation’s Content

Chances are Safetyhub won’t be your only set of training assets. You may have your own safety Powerpoint presentations, or maybe your organisation has its own induction video. Great! You can upload and incorporate all of these to Safetyhub. Safetyhub is also SCORM compliant so you can incorporate Safetycare assets into your own LMS or vice-versa.

We are worldwide

Don’t forget, Safetycare is a global company and we offer our videos in many languages and regions. If your organisation crosses borders too, keep in mind that Safetyhub can be provided in the following regions/languages: Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, French and Spanish. We have specific content for each of these regions.

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