For Facilitators


As a facilitator or trainer, we understand you want to be able to deliver your training fast and easy. You want ease of access, and you want it to integrate smoothly with the training you are delivering.


Cloud Based

Safetyhub is cloud-based. What does that mean for you? Well it means you can access Safetyhub from any device, anywhere! Your customised Safetyhub is not ‘locked into’ one particular machine.


Simply go to your organisation’s Safetyhub homepage and there you will find the entire Safetycare video library ready to stream. And don’t forget, this homepage can be completely customised to match the look and feel of your own organisation. You can ‘hide’ some videos not relevant to you, and even upload your own content.

Video based safety care training for the facilitator


Video based safety care training for the facilitator


Each Safetycare video in Safetyhub comes with a multiple choice assessment. These are very useful to verify the success of your training. You can assign training easily to your participants. Our assessment engine has full tracking and reporting for you, and again everything is customisable. Remove, add, edit or create any assessment you like.

Your Content

Chances are Safetyhub won’t be your only set of training assets. You may have your own safety Powerpoint presentations, or maybe your organisation has its own induction video. Great! You can upload and incorporate all of these to Safetyhub. Safetyhub is also SCORM compliant so you can incorporate Safetycare assets into your own LMS or vice-versa.


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