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Our mission

We want the organizations who use Safetyhub to be able to achieve a more effective level of communication with the people they need to keep safe at work.

In our effort to make safety training simpler, Safetyhub provides and promotes the use of high-quality safety video content as an integral way to ensure that people at work are informed, aware and compliant in their safety training.

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Providing safety solutions for over 25 years

Safetyhub has been providing safety video learning solutions and high-quality safety video content to companies for over 25 years. That’s why we’re the trusted name in Safety Compliance video learning across industries and businesses both large and small.

Premium support

With a Safetyhub subscription, we help you initiate a tailored content solution for your training needs and match you with your own Safetyhub account manager. Our client account managers will be there to answer any questions you have down the road and support your experience using Safetyhub. So pick up the phone today and talk to Safetyhub about your organization’s health & safety learning needs.

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