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Machine Guarding Training

Accidents resulting from inadequate equipment and machine guarding cause some of the most traumatic injuries in the workplace today.

Advances in technology, safety standards and risk management have all contributed to increasingly effective guards being used in the workplace today, but despite all these advances, horrific accidents still occur.

When guards are not in place or when guards are not used correctly, people can be pulled into machines, have limbs amputated and body parts crushed.

It is therefore critical that we are aware of and understand the elements of machine guarding safety covered in this program. This will help all workplace personnel to avoid accidents and injuries when working with equipment and machinery.

Machine Guarding Training Video Details:

This program covers the following:

  • Why guards are used
  • The risks associated with mechanical hazards
  • The requirements for effective machine guarding
  • The different types of guards and their functions
  • Safe work practices when working with equipment and machinery.

Video Running Time:
15 minutes

Course Contents

Video Training 3 - Icon - Small - Blue

Safety Training Video

On-demand safety video accompanied by supplemental material to form a complete safety video training program.

Assessments 2 - Icon - Small - Blue

Facilitator's Guide

Accompanying documentation includes facilitator’s framework, video transcript, exercises and a multiple-choice assessment questionnaire.

Assessments 1 - Icon - Small - Blue

Safety Assessment

Course includes a 10-part multiple-choice safety quiz. Participants can take the assessment as is, or the questions can be modified to suit your requirements.

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Course Certificate

Participants can print a completion certificate and training progress is stored centrally in Safetyhub to track your participant engagement KPI.

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