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Safety Industry News and Safety Training Resources

Whether you’re a safety professional, an employer or an employee looking to create a safer work environment – our blog is here to provide you with insightful guides and essential resources in the world of workplace safety.

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Workplace Hazard Identification: A Step-by-Step Guide

This guide provides a step-by-step approach to effectively identify workplace hazards, enabling an organization to create a safer and more secure work environment.

Workplace Safety Training Videos – Enhancing Company Safety

Learn how workplace safety training videos are revolutionizing safety practices. Explore their benefits in increasing safety compliance, employee engagement, and overall safety culture. Enhance company safety with the power of visual and interactive safety training videos.

The Importance of First Aid Training: Be Prepared for Emergencies

By equipping employees with essential first aid skills, organizations can enhance safety, reduce injury severity and save lives during emergencies. Discover the significance of first aid training in the workplace. Learn about CPR, cuts and bleeding and burns.

Safety Learning Management System (LMS): Improving Safety Training and Learning

How can Safety Learning Management Systems (LMS) improve your safety training programs? Explore content creation, progress tracking and the benefits of centralization. Discover available safety LMS platforms and the role of safety training videos in enhancing learning.

Articles by Category

Health and Safety Training (3)

From safety fundamentals to new trends, read insights and practical guidance on creating safer workplace environments.

Safety Training Courses (4)

Whether you're adapting to online safety training or seeking ways to enhance safety education, discover what can be achieved with streaming videos and LMS resources.

Safety Training Guides (6)

From informative guides to handy checklists and tips, discover resources to enhance safety awareness and practices.

Safety Training Videos (3)

Explore articles on optimizing workplace safety programs with Safety Training Videos. Gain practical strategies for better integration and effectiveness.

Workplace Safety Training (3)

Explore workplace safety training strategies for engaging employees and fostering a robust safety culture with industry-specific articles offering practical insights.

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