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Office Safety - Online Safety Training Courses

Office Safety is an online safety training video course collection from Safetyhub. This collection of safety video content is organized around Office Safety Training and will assist your employees to learn about essential office safety training topics by watching online videos and completing assessments.

These office safety training videos provide an understanding of workplace hazards, the principles behind workstation ergonomics and knowledge of the correct steps to avoid accidents and injuries in the office environment.

Office Safety Training - Online Safety Training Courses
Office safety training videos

Complete Online Safety Training for Office Employees

This safety training video collection covers workstations, ergonomics, emergency preparedness, manual handling and hazards in the workplace. All office safety training topics in the collection include an online safety video, online safety assessments, facilitator’s guides and trainee course certificates.

Office Safety Training Videos:

Safety videos and resources in the collection are available in English and Spanish. If your organization spans multiple regions, you can be assured that your employees in each region are viewing material relevant to them. With new releases continually being added, Safetyhub is a cost-effective way of ensuring all your sites always have a comprehensive library of current and relevant safety training videos.

You can get access to this online safety training program and the other online safety training collections with a Safetyhub subscription. All subscriptions are tailored to the exact needs of your organization and include access to Safetyhub’s online learning management system (LMS). Safetyhub offers a free trial and assistance in customizing Safetyhub to your exact organizational training requirements.

Working From Home Fundamentals

Working from home is the practice of engaging in work without commuting to an established location such as an office, a facility, a complex or a campus. A healthy and safe environment should be the goal for all people working from home safely.

Office Safety

This program deals with office safety issues. The program provides an understanding of workplace hazards, the principles behind workstation ergonomics and knowledge of the correct steps to avoid accidents and injuries in the office environment.

Display Screen Equipment

This program raises awareness of DSE issues in the workplace. By paying close attention to job requirements workplace design, the risk to health and safety at work can be minimized and the workplace experience made more comfortable.

Building and Office Evacuation

There are many reasons why a building or a group of buildings may need to be evacuated. Every organization should have a tried and tested evacuation plan. This program covers the evacuation plan, the team, responsibilities, training and practice

Bomb Threats

This program examines the emergency preparedness strategy that should be adopted to deal with bomb threat or placement situations. This program has been produced to be shown to all personnel who may become involved in a bomb threat incident.

Safe Manual Handling

Manual handling is an issue that must be addressed as an ongoing subject in the workplace. This program covers a detailed description of manual handling, problems and how injuries are caused, types of injuries and steps to deal with manual handling.

Principles of Safe Lifting and Carrying

Proper lifting techniques at work and understanding of the principles of correct lifting and carrying is an important part of any manual handling training program. The techniques and principles in this video course are suitable for most employees.


This program looks at the relationship between people, the equipment they use and the physical environment in which they work. The program forms an introduction to ergonomics and reinforces the principles employed to address ergonomic problems.

Office Fire Management

With established firefighting procedures and appropriate, well-maintained, firefighting equipment many fires can be easily controlled. When office fires happen, a knowledge of what to do in your work area can prevent damage and even save lives.

Fire Extinguishers

This safety training course addresses fire extinguisher training requirements; information a person needs to know in order to select and safely use a portable fire extinguisher in the workplace, helping to control a fire both quickly and safely.

Preventing Slips Trips and Falls

This programs highlights the major hazard areas associated with slips, trips and fall incidents in the workplace. It looks at key hazards and increases awareness of standards for worker responsibility in observing and being active in daily safety procedures.

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