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Unsafe Acts

Unsafe acts at work are intentional or unintentional violations of an established safe work practice, procedure, method or system. Arguably the most common cause of unsafe acts can be categorized as indifference. In these situations safe methods are known but individuals simply choose to ignore them.

About the course

It is clear that unsafe acts occur regularly in every workplace, and the more they occur the more likely serious accidents and long-term health problems will result.

So, “How do we reduce the number of unsafe acts and hence reduce the number of resulting accidents, injuries and illnesses?”

How to prevent unsafe acts:

  • Maintaining and implementing appropriate engineering control measures
  • Maintaining and implementing appropriate administrative control measures, and
  • Modifying people’s behavior and improving their attitude towards safety

This program examines the reasons for the occurrence of unsafe acts and methods that can be used to reduce their frequency.

Course Details:

  • Causes of Unsafe Acts
  • Outcomes from Unsafe Acts
  • Reducing Unsafe Acts

How the course improves safety:

Creating and maintaining a workplace culture that will encourage people to continually follow safe work practices and procedures will result in fewer accidents and injuries and will produce a measurable decrease in risk exposure.

Video Running Time:
13 minutes

Course Contents

Video Training 3 - Icon - Small - Blue

Safety Training Video

On-demand safety video accompanied by supplemental material to form a complete safety video training program.

Assessments 2 - Icon - Small - Blue

Facilitator's Guide

Accompanying documentation includes facilitator’s framework, video transcript, exercises and a multiple-choice assessment questionnaire.

Assessments 1 - Icon - Small - Blue

Safety Assessment

Course includes a 10-part multiple-choice safety quiz. Participants can take the assessment as is, or the questions can be modified to suit your requirements.

Results Clipboard - Icon - Small - Blue

Course Certificate

Participants can print a completion certificate and training progress is stored centrally in Safetyhub to track your participant engagement KPI.

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