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Online Forklift Safety Training and Cranes

Forklifts and Cranes is an online safety training video course collection from Safetyhub. This collection of video content provides a thorough online training program to educate your employees in the safe operations of forklifts, cranes and elevated work platforms.

Online Forklift Safety Training
Forklifts and Cranes Safety Training

How the online safety video training can help you.

Suitable for forklift operator safety training, the video courses increase awareness of the standards for worker responsibility in observing and being active in daily safety procedures. All courses in the collection include an online safety video, online safety assessments, facilitator’s guides and trainee course certificates.

Forklift and Crane Operator Safety Training Content:

Safety videos and resources in the collection are available in English and Spanish. If your organization spans multiple regions, you can be assured that your employees in each region are viewing material relevant to them. With new releases continually being added, Safetyhub is a cost-effective way of ensuring all your sites always have a comprehensive library of current and relevant safety training videos.

You can get access to this online safety training program and the other online safety training collections with a Safetyhub subscription. All subscriptions are tailored to the exact needs of your organization and include access to Safetyhub’s online learning management system (LMS). Safetyhub offers a free trial and assistance in customizing Safetyhub to your exact organizational training requirements.

The Safe Operation of Overhead Cranes

This video program has been designed to clearly identify all the steps necessary to enable efficient and safe operation of any overhead crane. This program looks at the safe operation of overhead cranes and details the five major steps to ensure their safe use.

Forklift Safety

The objective of the forklift safety training program is to highlight the importance of operating Forklifts safely and in so doing, increase awareness of the standards for worker responsibility in observing and being active in daily safety procedures.

Elevating Work Platforms

There are many potential hazards associated with the use of EWPs. The safety training program highlights the importance of operating EWPs safely, increasing awareness of the standards for worker responsibility in daily safety procedures.

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