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Online safety training, simplified.

Safetyhub helps organizations deliver improved workplace safety training with online safety videos and LMS tools. Start your free trial to see Safetyhub in action.

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Utilize the Power of Video

Simply the world’s best safety training video content library. Video is an unmatched medium for delivering workplace safety training.

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Your Safety Training Program

Whether you use Safetyhub right out of the box or customize with your own safety learning framework, Safetyhub is your all-in-one, safety learning center to deliver world-class workplace safety training to your organization.

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Build your safety courses

Choose from a world-class content library to build your own customized safety training program.

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Manage engagement

Keep on top of your health and safety metrics, manage participant engagement and track your Health & Safety training KPIs with reporting.

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On-demand learning

Give your employees the ability to complete training entirely online. Train online with video courses, when you need it.

Access to every Video Course on Safetyhub

Your Safetyhub subscription gives you access to the very best safety training videos covering every essential workplace safety topic from manual handling and fire safety to managing hazards, workplace & environmental safety to working safely in an office or from home.

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Safetyhub contains concise, high-quality video content to compliment your OSHA training program.

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All Safetyhub videos are also available in Spanish.

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Safetyhub videos easily embed into your own LMS.

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Full library of videos and assessments available as SCORM files.

Safety training wherever you need it.

Manage and deploy your Safetyhub training program to any device, anywhere in the world.

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Being a cloud-based streaming service, Safetyhub can be deployed to participants as hands-on or remotely as your organization requires.

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Your employees can engage with your Safetyhub training program no matter where they are or on which device-type they choose to complete their training on.

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Your safety training program can be viewed by your participants anywhere there’s an internet connection – at their workstation, to a larger group via projector, or on their tablets and phones

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Facilitators are able to deliver training fast and easy, with ease of access and smooth integration.

Video content is only the beginning.

Safetyhub is your comprehensive safety learning system

Safetyhub features more than high-quality workplace health and safety video content. It’s a fully-featured e-learning platform used by safety and compliance managers, employers and facilitators. The Safetyhub training software is used by governments, multi-national companies and small-business employers all around the world.

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How we help you improve safety

We’re here to simplify your safety training program and support your experience using Safetyhub.

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Free setup consultation

We’ll get you started customizing Safetyhub for your organization or importing existing user data.

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Professional support

Our skilled team of Safetyhub experts are there to provide systems and product support whenever you need it.

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Customer-driven innovation

Our customers have a strong influence on our road map. We listen to your needs and are always innovating.

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Regular Updates

Safetyhub’s video content library is regularly updated and expanded.

When you need us, we're here.

Our Customer Support Team is always there for you.

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