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Child's Play in the Office - Manual Handling Video

Most of us are aware that bad lifting and carrying techniques are a major cause of workplace injuries, especially serious back injuries. But in today’s workplaces, lifting and carrying related injuries still represent the largest problem in Health and Safety.

Although the office environment is not typically viewed as an area where manual handling injuries are likely to occur, it’s amazing just how much lifting and carrying goes on. This program looks at the day to day lifting and carrying tasks that occur in most office environments, and uses children to demonstrate how best to avoid injuries.

Child’s Play in the Office – Manual Handling Video shows us that for children, correct lifting and carrying comes naturally. It’s only as we get older and become lazy that we begin to adopt unnatural and potentially injurious lifting and carrying techniques.

About the course:

Child’s Play in the office delivers the powerful yet simple message that correct lifting and carrying techniques are essential if injury is to be avoided. The program is a fun, fresh and entertaining way to explore the fundamentals of correct lifting and carrying in an office environment as practiced by the experts: Children.

Video Running Time:
5 minutes

Course Contents

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Safety Assessment

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