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General Waste Management Safety Program

Waste management refers to the collection, transport, processing and disposal of waste materials produced by human activity.

Waste management is a crucial consideration in any workplace. Poor waste management can put at risk the health and safety not only of people in the workplace, but of the broader community and the environment.

About the course:

This General Waste Management Safety Program examines methods for classifying various kinds of waste and how best to track and ultimately dispose of them.

Topics included in the program:

  • Waste Classification
  • Waste Disposal
  • Waste Manifests

Waste Management Plan:

Knowing what kind of waste is being generated in your workplace and staying informed about the correct way to handle and dispose of it, will help ensure a safe and healthy working environment and create a General Waste Management Procedure for all.

Video Running Time:
8 minutes

Course Contents

Video Training 3 - Icon - Small - Blue

Safety Training Video

On-demand safety video accompanied by supplemental material to form a complete safety video training program.

Assessments 2 - Icon - Small - Blue

Facilitator's Guide

Accompanying documentation includes facilitator’s framework, video transcript, exercises and a multiple-choice assessment questionnaire.

Assessments 1 - Icon - Small - Blue

Safety Assessment

Course includes a 10-part multiple-choice safety quiz. Participants can take the assessment as is, or the questions can be modified to suit your requirements.

Results Clipboard - Icon - Small - Blue

Course Certificate

Participants can print a completion certificate and training progress is stored centrally in Safetyhub to track your participant engagement KPI.

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